Go Pro – 7 steps of becoming a network marketing professional

There are many excellent persons in network marketing out there and one of them is Eric Worre.  He has written a book named “Go Pro” and it is truly excellent reading.  “Go Pro” doesn’t mean that you have to work full time with your network marketing business. It simply means that you are way better off if you behave and treat your business like professionals do.  

Network marketing is not perfect by any means, but it is the best option out there.  Blue-collar or white-collar jobs is nothing to strive for. Work for 40 years, and you end up NOT retiring comfortable.  Being a business owner is way too risky and being an investor requires great skillsets and money.  The are many fantastic aspects about network marketing which are non-present in most traditional jobs:

  • Very low investment – start earning money today
  • Residual or passive income
  • Products and services ready for you
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Limitless – you can work from where-ever you are
  • YOU control who you want to work with

When you have decided that network marketing is THE SOLUTION for you, there are some basics you need to get right. There are 7 skills of network marketing you and/or your team should master:

  1. Finding Prospects
    Constantly work with your “Active candidate list” and you’ll never run out of prospects for your network marketing business. There are simple steps on how to do this, and once you have learnt it you’ll always have prospects in the pipeline. We all meet new people continuously throughout our lives and by being observant and focused, you’ll have more than enough prospects to present your business to.
  2. Inviting Prospects to Understand Your Product or Opportunity
    Once you have your prospects, the next skill to master is how to invite your prospects to find out more about your product or opportunity.  This is a critical skill to develop, because if no-one hears about your business no-one will join you.
  3. Presenting Your Product or Opportunity to Your Prospects
    There are several approaches here, and to start with use online tools, events, webinars, your upline and so on. However, after a while you should learn to present yourself, and the key to a good presentation is PREPARATION. 
  4. Following Up with Your Prospects
    This is quite simple, but too many doesn’t do what they have promised.  Following up is basically to do what you said you would do after the prospect have got a presentation. Follow up when you promised to follow up – plain and simple.
  5. Helping Your Prospects Become Customers or Distributors
    When it comes to helping your prospects becoming customers or distributors, Eric Worre has developed 4 ingenious questions for us as guidelines.  “How much” – “How many hours” – “How many months and “If I show you, would you be ready”.  Learn this and you’ll become a MLM recruiting specialist. Skillset no. 5 checked.
  6. Helping Your New Distributor Get Started Right
    In order to do this right, make sure that the new distributor understand that it ALL depends on her/him.  They have to take responsibility and acknowledge that it is THEY who will succeed or fail. Next we will create a plan together with specific tasks and deadlines.
  7. Promoting Events
    In network marketing, meetings make money.  It’s just that simple.  Learn how to get you team to attend meetings, webinars and events is essential for a thriving and long lasting business.

    All the above is of course just a summary and fragments of each of the 7 skillsets, but the basics are there.   Our team at Crowd1 Masters will make sure you get all necessary education, training, tools & support to succeed – IF YOU have the will and desire it takes to succeed.

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